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At TD Ameritrade, the health and safety of our employees and candidates is our highest priority, and we have recently transitioned the majority of our employees to working from home. While we are still actively recruiting, due to the current situation related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have made some critical changes to our recruiting process that eliminates the need for any face to face contact. As your application progresses, you can expect interviews to be conducted either on the phone or via video conference. Our Talent Acquisition Partners will guide you throughout the interview process and will be on hand to answer any questions you might have.

Where it all started

A far away view of the TD Ameritrade corporate headquarters skyscraper in Omaha, Nebraska, on a warm summer day

In 1975, a small investment banking firm known as First Omaha Securities, Inc. opened its doors for the first time. Thirty-seven years later, that company is known as TD Ameritrade, one of the largest online brokerage companies in the country. With more than 120 offices and branches nationwide, we continue to call Omaha home. And our Midwestern values continue to guide us every day.

From the premium we place on people and our passion for innovative technologies, to our green initiatives and community outreach, our values are at the center of everything we do. They guide us as we continue to re-imagine how our working environments can promote a more collaborative and inviting experience for all. They drive our ongoing partnerships with organizations like Habitat for Humanity, American Red Cross, Special Olympics, and United Way. They make us proud. They make us unique. They allow us to lead the way.

As we work towards building a better, brighter future, we’ll continue improving our tools and solutions, enhancing the experiences of our clients and employees, building greener facilities, and lending a helping hand to those in need in our communities. Because no matter the challenge or the goal, we’ll never lose sight of the values that have steered us right from the start.

  • 1975

    The SEC bans the practice of fixed brokerage commissions, and First Omaha Securities in Omaha, Neb opens.

  • 1983

    Ameritrade Clearing, Inc., is established, providing correspondent clearing services for broker dealers and Registered Investment Advisors.

  • 1988

    The company is the first to offer automated trades via touch-tone phone.

  • 1995

    The company acquires K. Aufhauser & Co, the first credited with offering online trading in 1994, and embarks on a brand new way to bring Wall Street to Main Street—the Internet.

  • 1997

    Ameritrade Holding Corporation goes public, listing under the symbol, AMTD.

  • 1998

    Ameritrade launches its first national advertising campaign, touting a flat-rate commission offering of $8/trade.

  • 1999

    Ameritrade is the first to offer trading via mobile device with the SprintPCS Wireless Web.

  • 1999

    Ameritrade introduces the nation to Stuart—a Mohawk-sporting Gen-Xer who begs Mr. P to “light this candle” and is today remembered as a trading icon.

  • 2001

    Ameritrade acquires National Discount Brokers Corporation, kicking off a decade of industry consolidation.

  • 2002

    Ameritrade merges with Datek Online Holdings to become the largest brokerage firm in average trades per day.

  • 2003

    Ameritrade offers the industry’s first trade execution guarantee of 10 seconds.

  • 2004

    Following the integration of Datek, the company launches a redesigned client web site, including features like SnapTicketTM and Trailing Stops—features that are considered must-haves today.

  • 2004

    The company launches QuoteScope, a unique, visual approach to viewing market data that helped make technical analysis easier to understand for individual investors.

  • 2004

    The company launches Amerivest, a first-of-its-kind online investment advisor that provides portfolio asset allocation recommendations based on a client’s financial goals and investment risk tolerance.

  • 2006

    Ameritrade acquired TD Waterhouse USA from TD Bank Financial Group and becomes TD Ameritrade. The merger marks the beginning of the company’s strategic transition from focusing primarily on trading to focusing on trading and asset gathering.

  • 2008

    Joe Ricketts announces his intent to step down as Chairman of the Board. Joe Moglia is named his successor, and Fred Tomczyk is named President and Chief Executive Officer of TD Ameritrade.

  • 2008

    TD Ameritrade launches new tools designed to help investors with their long-term investing strategies, including Bond Wizard, WealthRuler® and Portfolio Planner.

  • 2009

    TD Ameritrade and Omaha’s Metropolitan Entertainment and Convention Authority (MECA) announce a 20-year, $20 million naming rights agreement for Omaha’s new baseball stadium, to be called TD Ameritrade Park Omaha.

  • 2009

    TD Ameritrade acquires thinkorswim Group Inc., which includes the industry’s fastest-growing broker, thinkorswim, and the premium investor education business, Investools. The combination accelerates the company’s trading strategy and positions it once again as a leader in innovation.

  • 2010

    TD Ameritrade brings complex options, futures and foreign exchange trading to its clients as a product of its ongoing integration with thinkorswim.

  • 2010

    TD Ameritrade hosts the inaugural TD Ameritrade College Home Run Derby. East Tennessee State’s Paul Hoilman is crowned the event’s first champion.

  • 2010

    TD Ameritrade breaks ground on a 12-story office tower and pavilion in Omaha’s Old Mill neighborhood that’ll anchor its new corporate campus.

  • 2011

    TD Ameritrade for the first-time signs on as an official sponsor of the United States Olympic Committee and the 2012 US Olympics Team. That sponsorship has since been renewed to include the 2014 and 2016 US Olympic and Paralympics Teams.

  • 2011

    TD Ameritrade unveils Trade Architect®, a web-based streaming platform combining the best trading technology from both TD Ameritrade and thinkorswim to visually introduce technical and fundamental analysis to intermediate investors.

  • 2013

    Client assets reach $500 billion for the first time, following four consecutive years of double-digit net new client asset growth.

  • 2013

    Mobile trades reach 10% of the company’s daily trading volume. With nearly half of the company’s mobile users starting their TD Ameritrade relationships via hand-held devices, the technology has proven it’s here to stay.

  • 2014

    For the first time in company history, monthly average client trades per day eclipse 500,000.

  • 2016

    Tim Hockey is named President and Chief Executive Officer of TD Ameritrade, after Fred Tomczyk’s intention to retire at the end of the 2016 fiscal year.

  • 2017

    TD Ameritrade acquires Scottrade. The deal adds significant scale and distribution capabilities for the company’s investing services and education. The combined company has 11 million clients and $1.1 trillion in assets.

  • 2017

    TD Ameritrade launches an AI bot for Facebook Messenger. The technology gives retail investors one more way to access the markets and their investments where they are, when they need support.

  • 2018

    TD Ameritrade offers 24-hour access to U.S. equity markets, a first for investors and the industry.

  • 2020

    TD Ameritrade was acquired by Charles Schwab. The combination creates a company with enhanced scale, an even better portfolio of world-class services and solutions, and a talented team united by an unwavering commitment to clients and a shared heritage of innovation.

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Coming together to better serve our clients

TD Ameritrade and Charles Schwab are now part of one company with a shared vision. Harnessing our combined strength, we are building a firm with an entrepreneurial spirit and the resources of a large financial services institution committed to serving investors of all sizes.

Together, we will have:

  • Greater scale, which enables us to serve a broad range of clients at lower costs
  • World-class services and solutions backed by our commitment to provide secure and stable systems
  • The industry’s most talented team, all united by an unwavering commitment to clients and a shared heritage of innovation

We expect the integration to take between 18-36 months. Until then, TD Ameritrade and Schwab will continue to operate as two separate broker-dealers and custodians.

Both TD Ameritrade and Schwab have been consistently recognized as best places to work.
The combined company will carry on this heritage, offering opportunities for you to build and grow a meaningful career.

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